Virginia Common Rentals, LLC is a well-established Property Management Firm located in Chester, Virginia.  We have been servicing the Central Virginia area since 2004.  Currently, we manage over 140 properties.  We offer clean, comfortable and well-maintained single-family homes for rent.  All of our properties have been remodeled and modernized.  All properties are shown by appointment only.  Appointments are available 5 days a week to help accommodate you in finding your new home!

If you see a home that interests you, please call our Sales/Leasing department today at 804-920-5678 or 804-615-6036 to speak with a Property Manager, or email

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Virginia Common Rentals

We welcome you and your family into our single family living homes & duplexes. 

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​We are pleased to announce......

we accept all Section 8 Programs!